Financial Ratio Analysis In Excel – The Top 15 Ratios

**Templates Included!** Learn how to apply financial ratio analysis analytics to ANY company’s financial statements

Financing Your Business Creatively

Creative Financing Your Business Options – Loans, lenders, asset based lending, sba loans, vendor financing and more!

Create a Waterfall Report & Model In Excel

Template Included! Learn how to build a Waterfall Model Financial Report in Excel that Investors want!

Securities and Exchange Commission Reporting Made Easy

Learn the standard reports required by the Securities & Exchange Commission for smaller reporting companies. 10K, 10Q, 8K, and lots more!

How To Read a Company 10K Report – SEC Reporting

Free Funding Ebook Included! Read, interpret and analyze a company 10K Securities and Exchange Commission Report.

How To Read a Company 10Q Financial Report Required by SEC

Free Funding Ebook Included! Read, interpret and analyze a company 10Q Securities and Exchange Commission Report

Cash Flow Forecasting and Projections for Service Businesses

**Template Included** Learn how to use Excel to forecast and budget in your service business. Learn the Ins and Outs.

Cash Flow Forecasting & Projections For Retail Businesses

**Template Included** Use Excel for Cash Flow forecasting and projection in your retail business. Learn the Ins and Outs

How To Do Cash Flow Statements Analysis For Small Business

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Financial Modeling in Excel – FREE Template & Ebook!

Learn to do financial modeling for a startup business using Microsoft Excel. Incl Income Statement, Cash Flow