Microsoft Excel 101: Excel Made Easy

Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel – formatting, formulas, workbooks, report and graph creation and more!

Excel 101: Pivot Tables, Charts and Dashboards For Beginners

Learn how to create pivot tables, charts, amazing dashboards, and make sense of large data sets

Data Review and Analysis in Excel – Make Sense of Big Data

Learn how to take large data sets in Microsoft Excel & use pivot tables, lookups, filters and more to analyze it all

Learn The 10 Most Powerful Microsoft Excel Tips and Tricks

Bonus 2 tricks! 12 Microsoft Excel Tips, Tricks, Formulas, Data Manipulation and more! Become an Excel wizard.

Time Tracking In Excel Productivity Tools

Learn how to create a useful time tracking tool in Excel and double your productivity in no time!

Employee Performance Scorecard In Excel

Take your management skills to the next level – create an employee performance review scorecard in Excel

Financial Ratio Analysis In Excel – The Top 15 Ratios

**Templates Included!** Learn how to apply financial ratio analysis analytics to ANY companys financial statements

Inventory and Sales Management In Excel For Amazon Etsy Ebay

Template Included! Build an inventory and sales management spreadsheet for your FBA Amazon, Ebay, Etsy or other business

Track Your Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Profits In Excel

Track your purchases, sales and profitability for bitcoin and cryptocurrency in Microsoft Excel. Become a profit pro!

Cash Flow Forecasting & Projections For Retail Businesses

**Template Included** Use Excel for Cash Flow forecasting and projection in your retail business. Learn the Ins and Outs

Cash Flow Forecasting and Projections for Service Businesses

**Template Included** Learn how to use Excel to forecast and budget in your service business. Learn the Ins and Outs

Asset Tracking and Depreciation In Excel

Template included with course! Learn best practices for tracking assets and keeping a running depreciation schedule

Create Your Own CRM System in Excel (includes template)

Design, Build and Utilize Your OWN Custom CRM System In Excel

Calculate and Track Your Personal Net Worth Using Excel

Learn basic Excel, Create a Net Worth Tracking Spreadsheet, and Take Control of Your Personal Finances!

Create a Personal Budget In Excel – Manage Personal Finances

Template Included! Create a personal budget in Excel, how to track your spending, and mange your personal finances

Financial Modeling in Excel – FREE Template & Ebook!

Learn to do financial modeling for a startup business using Microsoft Excel. Incl Income Statement, Cash Flow

Personal Productivity Skills: Use Excel To Manage Your Life

Be a Personal Productivity Pro! Budgets, Savings, Lists, Travel and More!

Create a Dynamic Home Inventory List in Microsoft Excel

Create a Home Inventory List Spreadsheet – Protect Yourself In An Insurance Claim, Know Your Net Asset Worth