Write a Professional Business Plan

Prepare a business plan that entrepreneurs will get investor attention, get you funded, and startup your business today!

Create A Fundraising Investor Pitch

An Investor Pitch Deck template is included FREE! We also examine the AirBnb pitch deck to see a great example!

The 20 Keys To Being Successful

Learn the necessary must have skills to be a successful entrepreneur. Put yourself ahead of your competitors!

Fundraising From Venture Capitalists

Learn the process and tools you need to approach Venture Capital, Angel Investors and Crowdfunding for your company.

Financing Your Business Creatively

Creative Financing Your Business Options – Loans, lenders, asset based lending, sba loans, vendor financing and more!

Fundraising- The 4 Essential Documents

Learn the 4 documents you’ll need to successfully fundraising capital from venture capitalists and angel investors

10 Must Ask Questions Before Launching

Learn from the professional business consultant with a proven track record the 10 questions to ask before starting

Turn Your Idea Into a Startup Company

A startup guide on turning your ideas into a real business! All the concepts entrepreneurs need to consider

101 Real World Lessons They Don’t Teach in MBA Courses

FREE Funding Ebook also! Learn business topics that apply in the real world that you won’t learn in MBA courses

The Initial Public Offering Process IPO

Entrepreneurs learn the entire Initial Public Offering IPO process from someone who has been through it many times

Guide to Venture Capital Term Sheets

Venture Capital Term Sheets can be complicated and need to be fully understood before signing. Learn the Tips and Tricks

Small Business Consultant Top Recommendations for Businesses

Learn the recommendations I constantly make to small business owners on how to better run their companies

Work From Home: Start A Business Online Made Simple

Everything you need to consider when starting a business online. Accounting, finance, inventory, taxes, and more

Work From Home: 13 Proven Passive Income Methods

Learn how to start several passive income streams from someone who has successfully done it!

Start a Consulting Business & Get Paid For Knowledge

Become wealthy and financial free by starting a consulting business & work from home. Learn consulting skills as well.

Buying An Existing Business Made Easy

Powerful business secrets! Entrepreneurs buy a business and become an instant entrepreneur and business owner.

Buying a Franchise – Extensive Course

Expert advice and knowledge to help you decide if franchising is for you and how to select the best franchise

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Communication Skills for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, learn the best practices for communicating and advising your investors about your company and its results

Negotiation Skills & Strategies: Become A Negotiation Expert

Must Have Negotiation Skills, Strategies and Tips for Negotiation

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!