Finance and Accounting for Small Business & Entrepreneurs

Learn accounting and finance for startup companies and small business!

Financial Modeling in Excel – FREE Template & Ebook!

Learn to do financial modeling for a startup business using Microsoft Excel. Incl Income Statement, Cash Flow

101 Real World Lessons They Don’t Teach in MBA Courses

FREE Funding Ebook also! Learn business topics that apply in the real world that you won’t learn in MBA courses

Data Review and Analysis in Excel – Make Sense of Big Data

Learn how to take large data sets in Microsoft Excel & use pivot tables, lookups, filters and more to analyze it all

Entrepreneurship 101: Write a Professional Business Plan

Prepare a business plan that entrepreneurs will get investor attention, get you funded, and startup your business today!

Accounting 101 – Basic Accounting Concepts Explained

Learn Basic Accounting 101 Concepts, How To Account for Debits and Credits, Financial Reporting, Revenue & Expenses

Create a Personal Budget In Excel – Manage Personal Finances

Template Included! Create a personal budget in Excel, how to track your spending, and mange your personal finances

Detect Accounting Fraud In Financial Reports

Learn how to detect common accounting frauds used by corporations such as Enron, Tyco, WorldCom and more!

Negotiation Skills & Strategies: Become A Negotiation Expert

Must Have Negotiation Skills, Strategies and Tips for Negotiation