Finance and Accounting for Small Business & Entrepreneurs

Learn accounting and finance for startup companies and small business!

Advanced Finance and Accounting for Startups

Advanced accounting & finance topics related to startup and early stage companies. Options, Warrants, Deferrals and more

Basic Accounting Concepts Explained

Learn Basic Accounting 101 Concepts, How To Account for Debits and Credits, Financial Reporting, Revenue & Expenses

International Financial Reporting Standards

Learn about International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS and how they differ from US GAAP Accounting

The Accounting Cycle

Learn the accounting cycle – proper classification, recording, and interpreting financial information.

Introduction To Cost Accounting

Learn Managerial Accounting (Cost Accounting) from an Accounting MBA with 20+ Years Experience!

Accounts Payable Best Practices & Processes

Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls when it comes to Accounts Payable. No more fraud, incorrect payments or voided checks

Accounts Payable Top 10 Common Payment Fraud

Learn how to prevent accounts payable fraud in your business. Learn common methods and prevention

Advanced Accounts Payable Best Practices

Learn how to reduce expenditure and use time efficiently in your Accounts Payable department

Accounts Receivable Reserves and Bad Debt

Learn accounts receivable reserves and bad debt from A to Z and become an expert!

Accounts Receivable Made Easy

Learn The Accounts Receivable Cycle, Basics of Accounts Receivable, Accelerating Collections and Much More!

Accounting Information Systems

Learn the best business practices of choosing or upgrading your accounting software and how to avoid problems

Income Statement Analysis Made Easy

Basics Of How to Interpret and Analyze Year End Income Statements For Companies. Profit and Loss Statement Analysis.

Balance Sheets Made Easy – Read & Interpret

Learn how to read a Balance Sheet, interpret it, do financial analysis and more!

Accounting For Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

Learn the proper accounting for cryptocurrencies under accounting rules and regulations. Purchases, gains, sales and tax

Detect Accounting Fraud In Financial Reports

Learn how to detect common accounting frauds used by corporations such as Enron, Tyco, WorldCom and more!

Asset Tracking and Depreciation In Excel

Template included with course! Learn best practices for tracking assets and keeping a running depreciation schedule

The External Audit Process

Learn the entire external audit process, what the regulations and rules are, and how you can effectively prepare

Best Practices For Closing Your Year End In Accounting

Learn about the financial closing process for year end, financial statement preparation, and year end best practices

Managing The Year End Financial Close & Audit

Close your year end financial reports accurately & work efficiently and effectively with external financial auditors