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Finance and Accounting for Startups

The original 5+ year best selling course!  Learn accounting and finance for startup companies and small business!

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Financial Modeling In Excel

Learn to do financial modeling for a startup business using Microsoft Excel. Incl Income Statement, Cash Flow

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Entrepreneurship 101: Write a Professional Business Plan

Prepare a business plan that entrepreneurs will get investor attention, get you funded, and startup your business today!

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Accounting 101: Advanced Finance and Accounting for Startups

Advanced accounting & finance topics related to startup and early stage companies. Options, Warrants, Deferrals and more

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Work From Home: Start A Business Online Made Simple

Everything you need to consider when starting a business online. Accounting, finance, inventory, taxes, and more

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Entrepreneurship 101: Fundraising From Venture Capitalists

Learn the process and tools you need to approach Venture Capital, Angel Investors and Crowdfunding for your company.

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